About Me

I work with high level business owners ready to reach their next level of growth and success.

The people I work with are:

  • High level coaches
  • CEOs of fully distributed companies
  • Entrepreneurs will multiple online businesses

You don’t like your business running at half its potential.

You and I are alike in this, because I don’t want your business running at half potential either.

We both want to do something we love, and lucky for you, I love making sure your business is running at full speed.

Let me ask you, have you ever…

  • Felt overwhelmed by all the parts & pieces needed to make your business succeed?
  • Wanted to just hand over half of your workload to someone else?
  • Wished you could find an easier way to grow your business?

I’m really glad you are here then, because this is precisely where I step in and make your life easier. I’ll move swiftly behind the scenes to make the acceleration of your business growth look easy.

I’m MaryJo, and I love orchestrating business procedures and growth through effective marketing and strong management. (I also love good jokes, fun people, and lots of laughter!) mjm

I love what I do, but getting here took a few loud and clear messages…

Before it truly sunk in that I manage businesses for others like no other. In fact, I was in the corporate job for quite some time before the satisfaction in it started to fade. I realized that there just wasn’t any “oomph” in it. I wasn’t able to see how I was directly making a difference for anyone.

Sound familiar? (We do things for the same reasons, you and me.)

So I searched. I talked with colleagues and friends and like you, decided to run with the spark of an idea. I knew that I wanted to work virtually in order to have flexibility in my life. I also wanted to work with entrepreneurs because that is where I knew I could see and make the most impact.

I’m a rather determined girl.

Some even say I’m tenacious. Here’s the thing, you need your business steered with a relentless focus. You can’t do that 24/7, but you and I CAN. When you decide you are ready, I’m here.

Let’s get started by you emailing me at admin at maryjomccann dot com and I’ll get back to you right away.

It started with a phone call.

A conversation with a friend brought my attention to the fact that I was unhappy with my current work and in a split second, her words totally changed everything for me. She said, “You should work with entrepreneurs virtually, you know, help them run their businesses, you’d be great at it.

It took some planning, but I researched and found a rigorous training program through AssistU.com. Once completed, I applied my talents as a Virtual Assistant for 3 years, helping entrepreneurs manage the administrative side of their online businesses. I paid close attention to what they needed help with most, but more importantly, what aspects of management and growth kept them from reaching their goals. I went on to Tina Forsyth’s Certified Online Business Manager Training.   That insight & training allowed me to begin filling a gap in small business success: Growth management, team development, and tangible results. Now I’m happy with my work.

Told you I am determined.

I’ve gone on to work with plenty of clients, some in isolated projects, others long-term. Now, I have just a few open spots left for goal-oriented, milestone focused entrepreneurs who need to let go a lot of overwhelming work.

Is this you? Could you use this help with:

  • Pulling your team together and delegating work with follow up to ensure tasks are completed on time.
  • Creating your team if you don’t have one yet – this means recruiting, organizing, and putting to task.
  • Overseeing your short-term goals and long-term projects with results tracking
  • Setting your marketing strategy and putting all the pieces in motion from the tech side to the customer service side.

Basically, I help your business run smoothly, succeed, and support the life you are after.

Want to talk more?

Email me at admin at maryjomccann dot com or schedule a time on my calendar.

I changed my situation and created what I wanted with focus and determination.

Let’s do the same for you.