Call it a testimonial…

I like to refer to the following kind words as praise!

“MaryJo came into my business at a time of huge up-leveling and growth and did a fabulous job creating structure out of chaos. She implemented a project management system, put written standard operating procedures in place, managed automation projects and got my whole team on track and thriving. Thank you, MaryJo!”

Lynn McKenzie

meaghan“MaryJo has very creative ideas and thinks outside the box.  Her communication is dependable and her promptness is exceptional. I’m very pleased with her marketing talents.  We have worked together for over 2.5 years and my business has grown exponentially because of MaryJo. She is always coming up with innovative business ideas, helping me manage my online presence which allows me to focus on my patients and not the time consuming side of the business. She does very well with time management and always makes my deadlines. I highly recommend her services.”

Meaghan Phillips, AP, LMT, Owner
Port Orange Acupuncture

Alison Knights-210“MaryJo and I hit it off from the very first Skype meeting. Since then we have enjoyed a collaborative working relationship that has helped me enormously to focus on developing my training and consultancy. I have all sorts of exciting new projects in the pipeline, some of which were ideas that MaryJo introduced to me. With her positive, organised, professional and knowledgeable approach, I know I can rely on her assisting me to make them happen. MaryJo’s combination of strengths, in being able to think things through in a thoughtful manner, have a passion for learning and mastering new knowledge as well as being able to form positive and perceptive relationships, means that she been the right person for me and my business. ‘Clarity Through Collaboration’ does indeed sum up her approach well.”

Alison Knights CPsychol AFBPsS
Baby-Science Ltd.
Maternal & Parent-Infant Psychology

Joseph Callanan“I had the pleasure of working with MaryJo McCann for 2 years, during which time she was my Virtual Assistant.   I manage investments in a number of small businesses and I found her to be flexible about taking on assignments in presentations, recruiting, planning, and scheduling.   She was especially effective at tackling larger assignments and running them from beginning to end.   She communicates well and has a strong knowledge of technology tools.  I would recommend her confidently.”

Joseph Callanan, President & Founder
Osprey Advisors

“MaryJo is not only organized, a detailed oriented project manager who is creative, but also extremely intuitive with her ideas. She is proactive and reliable.  She helps me manage and implement all of my online marketing, social media and in-studio projects.  It was her suggestion for the design of my website, and I receive compliments weekly on how much people love my website.  In addition, in my business, communicating with my clients on a personal level is extremely important. MaryJo takes the time to delve into the heart of my studio and interprets that spirit into advertising and promoting Yoga Bala. MaryJo has a gift with her skill to help others, and I am extremely grateful to have her services for my studio.”

Karrie AuBuchon, Owner/Instructor
Yoga Bala Inc.

mthlogo1“MaryJo is such a pleasure to work with!   She is positive, professional,  and always willing to learn new things.  On top of a strong marketing skill set, she possesses a strong background in project management, which I think is a fabulous asset”

Mika Howard, Owner
MTH Virtual Assistance

“I so enjoyed working with MaryJo and felt at ease with her presence. She removed tasks and projects from my plate, that may have seemed small, but as she peeled back the layers it was clear she saw the many moving parts. She embraced each task eagerly and completed them in a timely manner. I loved how she stayed in touch by email or Skype, letting me know of her progress. I also loved how she wasn’t afraid of technology and her willingness to give it a try, but more importantly, her willingness to learn. I chuckle when I think about a time earlier on in our working relationship, when I gave her a “laundry list” for a project and she was so polite. Then she sent me an outline of what she had heard me say. Boy was I all over the place, but she helped me to see where I needed to clarify. So, thank you MaryJo, for helping me to improve how I communicate my wishes. I’m so used to doing everything myself that I lost the art of explaining to others!”

Kim Gray, Founder & CEO
National Association of Virtual Assistants for Coaches

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