High level coaches, CEOs of fully distributed companies and Entrepreneurs with multiple online businesses:

Stop Running Your Business and Be Your Business, Growth & Income Will Follow

You have your hands full with building and running your online business.

Creating, implementing, and assessing the right strategy for your business’s growth is overwhelming, not to mention being really clear on your branding and message.

Launches, facebook ads, email marketing, graphic designers, payment systems, copywriters, CRMs, traffic, sales pages, the list goes on.

There are things you need to get done, you need to be smart about your marketing, you need to put some systems in place, but there isn’t enough time in the day.

You lose sleep, your brand is vague, and you know that all of your effort is totally missing the mark.

Because you are only one person.

You are not the right person to run your business either…

You are the person who should be your business.

What would it feel like to hand over all of the parts and pieces that make your business produce income?

I’m talking about the really crucial parts like:

  • Launches
  • Branding
  • Sales funnels
  • The technology backend (your website, email platforms, payment systems, etc.)
  • Program/product development and pricing
  • Team management
  • Project management (making sure everything flows and gets completed on time)

Did reading that list make your head spin?

Maybe it just made your head hurt instead.

If so, a person who is capable of orchestrating the people, systems, and marketing necessary to deliver results in your business…

Might just change everything for you.

Print“As business owners and seminar leaders for over 15 years, we’ve worked with our fair share of virtual assistants, OBMs, and staffing agencies.

Immediately prior to talking with MaryJo about how she could help, we had already tried finding the right person through a professional placement agency, the big name job boards, and local advertisements. None of those avenues connected us with anyone with the right skill sets and sensitivities needed to work daily in our long established core Team … and we were not only extremely frustrated, we were really at our wits-end trying to manage everything on our own.

But it didn’t take more than a single 20-minute conversation with MaryJo to make the decision to hand-over the Marketing Team Management & Online Project Management to her immediately, with MaryJo taking on the full responsibility of: Managing all virtual team members, on-boarding and training all new marketing contractors, online launches , managing all deadlines and responsibilities needing to be tasked amongst team members, all follow-up and the answering of all questions necessary to keep our marketing projects on pace and executed with excellence.

With MaryJo on our team, we no longer get frustrated or bogged down in trying to figure out how we’re going to execute any of our marketing strategies, she simply takes the bull by the horns and executes perfectly every time. One of the things that sets MaryJo out among her peers is her desire to go above and beyond her job responsibilities to ensure everything surrounding our campaigns is top notch. We never doubt that MaryJo cares about our success and is “watching out for us” on many levels.”

Erin Thoms Melnick, Partner, DavidNeagle.com

Inspiration and purpose will help, you know, like a coach, but I bet you’ve already done that and now you need something more.

And truly, you can’t get any more inspiration or more clear on your message until you actually start moving and shaking.

That means you have to build a business system that works and shows you where changes need to made, so it can create the clients, sales, and income you are after.

You’ve tried to do this yourself, but too many balls are getting dropped, momentum slowed and you are losing valuable ground. (or maybe never got off the ground)

With me in place, no balls get dropped, ever. We will move your business forward steadily with results each step of the way.

“MaryJo has a magic touch. She gracefully brought order to the marketing department of our busy and growing company. She is patient, thorough and always ultimately focused on the success of our projects. I highly recommend her!”

Meredith Eisenberg, Digital Marketing Manager, LinkedSelling.com

I’m MaryJo McCann, owner of Clarity Through Collaboration and I orchestrate systems for online business success.

Let’s agree on something…

You be the business – coach, consult, motivate, transform, do what you do best. I’ll keep my finger on the pulse of your brand, marketing, strategies, team, and show you results.

Even better, we’ll create predictable results through collaborating on your business growth goals, so you know where you’ll be in 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, and further.


“I’m a Brain based Leadership Coach and Workplace Mental Health Trainer and Speaker in solo practice. MaryJo has been indispensable to me for the past three years. Her diligent management of my social media, updating and maintenance on my website, setting up and conducting marketing campaigns on my CRM, and wide variety of other contributions has allowed me to focus on business development and service to my clients. I look forward to our monthly meetings as MaryJo frequently has creative ideas to help me grow my business and run operations more efficiently. She is very committed to service and flexible as necessary to adapt to changing priorities in my small business. I particularly appreciate her willingness to conduct research on various topics to help identify additional resources and curate website content to support my marketing activities. These responsibilities require a deep understanding of my expertise and position in the market. She effectively utilizes her professional network and technical skills to advise me on options to consider when making strategic decisions.

I rely on MaryJo to consistently manage a variety of projects essential to maintaining my online presence and marketing activities. MaryJo is a pleasure to work with and I greatly appreciate being able to hand off many things for which I have no skill or interest, knowing that MaryJo will handle it!”

Lisa G. Jing, M.A., Founder / CEO
Synergy at Work, Inc.

This isn’t me giving you busy work or waiting for you to tell me what you need help with. It’s working together with my expertise and your talent to create exactly what you want and need in your business.

We hit the ground running; I prompt you when needed so we are constantly moving towards the next step, goal, and hard, tangible results.

Hey, I get it – you’ve worked with a Virtual Assistant before AND a Business Coach.

Let me explain the difference:


What does this look like on a day-to-day basis?

  • Your day begins with complete clarity of the goals for the week, no stress.
  • You are so relieved that you actually get to focus on your clients or your sales, whatever you love most.
  • You rest easy because you know that at our regularly scheduled time, we will celebrate your results and fine tune the strategy for our next step.
  • You can go to lunch with a girlfriend and not worry about building your sales funnel much less figuring out what that is anyway.
  • Today, you feel really excited and motivated because we just created your timeline and when to expect income growth and when we will meet milestones.
  • Your website and brand is coming together quickly and with little to do on your side, you get to watch it happen, guiding so your vision is realized.
  • What you love most is that every part of your business is consistent and your message is really clear, making an impact.
  • You can’t believe how there is a team moving seamlessly behind the scenes making things happen fast. You didn’t even have to lift a finger.
  • It is such a relief to see your new program launched without a hitch, got new clients, is still running smoothly and you know exactly what it will create a month from now as well as a year from now.
  • Freedom is redefined as you actually see your client count increase along with your bank balance.
  • You sleep through the night.
  • You feel like the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be

“I needed help tweaking my email funnel. I wasn’t getting good response rates and was feeling a bit lost!
MaryJo reviewed my email funnel and gave me great feedback.  She gave me very insightful tips on how to better engage my prospects, educate them, build trust, and guide them through the process of beginning to work with me.
I highly recommend working with MaryJo if you feel stuck about getting better engagement and conversion with your email marketing.”

Dr. Sandra Camacho
Energy Healer, Auric Field Expert

The one who has her stuff together and is succeeding.

You could have continued on trying to do all of this yourself, losing sleep, time with family and friends, and even money.

But you saw the wisdom in putting that money and time into the right hands, so you achieve the growth, income, and lifestyle you desire, faster and totally sustainable with the right people and systems in place.

Raven K“Dynamic is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about MaryJo McCann’s skill set. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing MaryJo for over 3 years, during which time, MaryJo managed me on several marketing projects.  Above all, I was impressed with her ability to stay on top of all the moving parts of a big launch.

MaryJo consistently executed the business owner’s plan successfully by breaking the project down into departmental tasks and overseeing each team member’s progress to completion. I flourished under her guidance! MaryJo created a work environment where we all felt important to the mission and each one of us eagerly delivered on our tasks.  Of course MaryJo’s interpersonal skills makes her a dream to work with.  She would be a true asset for any online business requiring excellent launch management and project and team management skills. MaryJo comes with my heartfelt recommendation and is more than a pleasure to work with.”

Raven Kleinbach, Owner

Cheryl D.“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing MaryJo for over 3 years, during which included working on a team with her as well as one-on-one projects.  She is innovative, focused and detailed oriented.

Above all, I was impressed with MaryJo’s ability to communicate clear and concise instructions. And, of course, her friendly demeanor. MaryJo would be a true asset for any online business requiring excellent launch management and project and team management skills. MaryJo is wonderful and comes with my full recommendation.”

Cheryl Davey, Owner
Virtually All, Certified Infusionsoft Consultant

Now you know where you are going.

Let’s discuss your goals, but more importantly how you are going to get there and when.

My client base is small so I can be the person who orchestrates your business.

I cannot guarantee that I will have an opening at the time you are here reading this, but I can add you to a waiting list if needed.

Send me a message, Just email me at admin at maryjomccann dot com or schedule a time on my calendar. I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll get back to you right away. We’ll start there.


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